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Hi everyone! My name is Takeru and welcome to my blog.

Over the years of learning English as my second language, I’ve become interested in linguistics, especially how cultural differences influence languages, and the ways people interpret and speak. Being Japanese, I’ve struggled with learning English, a language so different from my mother tongue. I’ve also discovered that languages connect people. For me, being able to speak English was a key to a bigger world that enabled me to come into contact with lots of people with different backgrounds. I’m hoping to expand my understanding of how languages work, so that I will be able to communicate with others better.

This blog is my reactions to essays, articles, or theses related to linguistics. Please feel free to comment on my posts, as I’d love to hear what you have to say. I hope you enjoy!

  • Language awareness

    Today, I’m reacting to an article about language awareness. Perhaps the concept doesn’t ring a bell to those who are not currently learning a foreign language. Language awareness, according to Ronald Carter, the author of the article, refers to “the development in learners of an enhanced consciousness of and sensitivity to the forms and functionsContinue reading “Language awareness”

  • Learning styles

    Today, I’m reacting to an article discussing people’s different learning styles and how they are related to second language acquisition. What’s your learning style? Mine has always been practical, experience-based approaches. Although I spent about a year learning basic English grammar when I began learning English, the way I’ve developed English skills is by watchingContinue reading “Learning styles”

  • Translanguaging

    In this article, I’ll be discussing translanguaging. What the heck is translanguaging? According to Ofelia García, translanguaging is “the act performed by bilinguals of accessing different linguistic features or various modes of what are described as autonomous languages, in order to maximize communicative potential.” If I were to give you an example of translanguaging, itContinue reading “Translanguaging”

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